PasswordDirector 3.2

Password Director provides a safe and secure way to keep all your passwords
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Password Director provides a safe and secure way to keep all your passwords and sensitive records (such as system logins, credit card information, PINs, private phone numbers and other sensitive records) in the single well-protected password database.
You do not have to remember dozens of passwords anymore, just remember your single Master Password. Password Director keeps all your passwords in a single encoded file, the Password Database.
Though nothing prevents you from creating several such files, we recommend you to use a single file to store all your passwords. At the first launch you will be offered to create a new Password Database or open an existing one.
If you already used Password Director and you have the Password Database, open it. If you use Password Director for the first time, create your own Password Database. When creating the Password Database you should specify its name and the Master Password.
It is very important for you to remember the Master Password, if you forget it, you will lose access to the Password Database. Luckily, the Master Password is the only password you should remember from now onwards.
You can test the reliability of your password and use the "Suggest Password" function to let the software generate the password for you (more details will be given below). In addition to that you can remember the Master Password.
It will be saved on your computer and you won't have to type it any time you would like to access the Password Database. But then, if strangers can access your computer they will be able to access your Password Database.
Therefore we strongly recommend you to use the Remember Master Password option only provided that unauthorized people cannot access your computer in your absence. Initially the Password Database is empty.
Main features:
-High Reliability
-Powerful and Flexible Items
-Publish Password Database
-Automatic and Manual Password Capture
-Remember Password Function
-Built-in Password Analyzer
-Built-in Password Generator
-Import and Export
-Powerful and Handy User Interface
-Onscreen keyboard for Master Password entering

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